Caresaver Recovery Machine – (1650.00)


Caresaver1Features :

  • Oil-less and hermetic compressor models available for 230v or 110v supply
  • Liquid and vapour recovery with automatic changeover
  • Self discharging and Hot Gas/Cool Gas discharge switch
  • Suitable for all CFC, HCFC, HFC, and HC refrigerants used on domestic, commercial and automotive refrigeration and air conditioning equipment
  • Onboard refrigerant storage capability
  • High efficiency heat exchanger and inlet oil separator with drain facility and integral mesh strainer
  • Automatic high and low pressure safety switches with illuminated indicators and manual low pressure override switch
  • Compressor fan cooling and compact air cooled condenser
  • High electrical specification with encapsulated components
  • Supplied with ball valve hoses 2m hard wired mains lead with moulded plug No maintenance required
  • Full technical support from UK manufacturer
  • See attached file for full specifications:


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