Texa Konfort 710R for R134a

£2,075.00 £2,000.00

Optional Package – £2250.00 (UKA6007)

Includes: Printer, 6kg of R134a, Safety Gloves, Safety Goggles and 5 x Paper Rolls

Please call to order this optional package



Because there is still a period of transition, TEXA has no intention of ignoring the demand for service stations for the older refrigerant, and is committed to making the advanced technology of
its 700 Series AC service stations available for use with R134a.

With this in mind, TEXA has produced the KONFORT 710R, specially designed to satisfy the needs of garages who want an “entry level” system only for R134a which, after all, is still the most common refrigerant in vehicle A/C systems.

Though it is TEXA’s entry level model, the KONFORT 710R nevertheless provides as standard all the essential functions that have established the KONFORT 700 Series as the best air conditioning service stations on the market. Features include automatic leak detection, electronic refrigerant weighing, automatic timed oil and UV tracer injection, and high efficiency refrigerant recovery (over 95%).

Includes: Printer


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