Testo 870 – Thermal Imaging Camera


The Testo 870-1 Thermal Imaging Camera offers sharp, crisp, detailed, commercial quality images every time, right out of the box with the widest lens (34° x 26°) available. The 870-1 features a resolution of 19,200 pixels (160 X 120) and a max temperature of 280°C  (536°F). The 870-1 is provided with a 3.5″ LCD display with 320 x 240 pixels. The thermal sensitivity is less than 100 mK at 30°C (86°F) and has 4 hours of battery life.

Applications for the 870-1 include:

  • Precisely locating roof leaks
  • Regular checks for electrical maintenance
  • Hot on the trail of a ruptured pipe
  • Easy checking of heaters and installations
  • Investigating moisture damage
  • Guaranteeing power generation
  • Preventing mold formation
  • Support in preventive mechanical maintenance
  • Finding structural defects and ensuring building integrity
  • More reliability in quality assurance and production monitoring
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The testo 870 is the ‘best ever’ value Thermal Imaging Camera. It combines quality with value to offer you the perfect entry level TI camera, at an affordable price. Now with Free Super Resolution technology.



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