Testo 330i – Set 1 (0563 3000 70)


The Testo 330i is the combination of proven technology and revolutionary handling. The basis of the flue gas analyser is the measurement technology of the proven predecessor testo 330 LL. Here a some of its outstanding features:

Measurement location-independent operation and Bluetooth measurement value display via Smartphone/tablet and testo 330i App
Non-paper documentation and report creation directly on site with the testo 330i App
Reliable flue gas probe attachment with the testoFix probe mount
Robust, completely sealed plastic housing for use in tough conditions
Longlife sensors with up to 6 years’ lifetime, exchangeable by the user
Integrated gas and draught zeroing without probe removal
Measuring range extension up to 30,000 ppm CO through automatic fresh air dilution

Testo 330i – Set 1
Includes: testo 330i with standard CO sensor, O2 sensor, Modular flue gas probe with hose (300 mm), testoFix probe mount, Charger, Spare particle filters, and Instrument case for testo 330i

The operation of the measuring instrument and the display of the measurement values take place by Bluetooth via the testo 330i App on your Smartphone/tablet. This means you always have all relevant values at your fingertips right where you need them. After finishing the measurement, you can insert comments or photos of the plant into your report, and send it to your customer or your office by e-mail.

Product specifications

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or newer / Android 4.3 or newer  – Requires mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0
Storage temperature: -20 to +50 °C
Operating temperature: -5 to +45 °C
Power supply: Rech. batt. block 3.7 V / 2.6 Ah
Mains unit: 6 V / 1.2 A (optional)
Memory: 500,000 readings
Weight: 720 g (excluding battery)
Dimensions: 270 x 160 x 57 mm


Instrument/probe/gas sensors O2, CO: 48 months
Gas sensor NO: 24 months
Thermocouple and rech. battery: 12 months

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The Testo 330i – Flue Gas Analyser connects to your SmartPhone or tablet using testo 330i App via Bluetooth function, giving the user ability to create and compare measurement reports whilst on site. All sets include testo 330i flue gas analyser with longlife gas sensors and integrated draught and gas zeroing, 3 slots, rechargeable battery and calibration protocol.


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