Mobile Car and Vehicle Air Conditioning Repairs and Services South Wales

19669_6293575iRed Dragon Air Conditioning Ltd provides service and repairs to all automotive air conditioning systems including the new R1234yf refrigerant.

We are specialists in automotive air conditioning systems and can offer very competitive prices on all automotive air conditioning parts, supplies and service equipment.


Vehicle Air Conditioning Repairs Cardiff, Bridgend, Swansea & Newport

Our current service prices for automotive systems are as follows:

1. Basic Re-Gas for cars (up to 700g R134a) =  £45.83 + VAT

2. Basic Re-Gas for cars ( 700g – 1kg R134a)  = £58.33 + VAT 

3. Basic Re-Gas for cars/vehicles (over 1kg of R134A) = Call for a quote   –  If ensure of how much gas your system holds, please call the office and we will have this information. 

4. Basic re-gas for R1234yf = £110+ VAT

5. Ultra Violet Dye (additive) = £8.00 + VAT 

6. Leak Stopper – New oil based additive which does not cause damage to the system compressor or other vulnerable working parts  = £40.00 + VAT 

7. A/C System Odour Removal – Removes unhealthy bacteria & fungi from the system evaporator) = £30.00 + VAT

8. Vehicle Interior Odour Removal – Using new ‘Ozone’ creation technology, vehicle odours such as spilt milk, dog and cigarette odours can be eliminated. = £35.00 + VAT 

9.   Leak Detection / Fault Diagnosis Service = £45.00/h + VAT  

 R1234yf Servicing & Repairs

19669_6293578iDue to the negative effects that refrigerants have on Climate Change, manufacturer’s are having to replace the existing refrigerant (R134a) with a more environmentally friendly refrigerant known as R1234yf.

At present, the new refrigerant is very expensive when compared with R134a and there are also concerns with the flammability levels in certain concentrations.

Existing recovery and service equipment is not suitable for use with this refrigerant and should therefore not be used. Specialist equipment is now required by service engineers and the refrigerant must be analysed before being recovered into the service station.

Red Dragon Air Conditioning can provide customers and dealerships with service and training for R1234yf Mobile Air Conditioning Systems as required.

Mobile Air Conditioning Service available on request but there may be a call out charge depending on your location – Please call for a quote. (We are not offering the mobile service at this time, sorry for any inconvenience)