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This 5 day F Gas Category I courses is ideally suited to personnel with previous experience in air conditioning or refrigeration or those holding formal industry recognised qualifications including the former ‘Safe Handling of Refrigerants’ certificate.  It is also suitable for tradesmen with allied trade qualifications such as a NVQ Level 2 or above in Gas, Electrical or Plumbing. This 5 day course is the most sought after version of the F Gas course as there are no restrictions to work regarding to the amount of refrigerant contained in the system.

The F Gas Category I course provides successful candidates with certification to carry out air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration work on any size system containing fluorinated refrigerants.

Learners Outcomes:

  • The learner will know the fundamental principles of thermodynamics.
  • The learner will know the environmental impact of refrigerants and corresponding environmental regulations.
  • The learner will be able to carry out checks before putting in operation, after a long period of non-use, after maintenance or repair intervention, or during operation.
  • The learner will be able to check for leakage.
  • The learner will be able to handle the system and refrigerant during installation, maintenance, servicing or recovery in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with the regulations.
  • The learner will be able to put into operation and maintain reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors, single and two-stage.
  • The learner will be able to install, put into operation and maintain air cooled and water cooled condensers.
  • The learner will be able to install, put into operation and maintain air cooled and water cooled evaporators.
  • The learner will be able to install, put into operation and the servicing of Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TEV) and other components.
  • The learner will be able to build a leak-tight piping system in a refrigeration installation.
  • The learner will know the information on relevant technologies.

Pre Requisites:

This F Gas Category I course is a Level 3 CPD qualifications designed for learners working within the Refrigeration and or related service sector. Learners wishing to undertake the F Gas Category I qualification must hold a recognised qualification in Refrigeration, Heating & Ventilation or other related industry sector (e.g. Gas or Plumbing) or have a minimum of 2 years auditable experience working within the Refrigeration or Heating & Ventilation sector.

All learners must have a good practical working knowledge of different soldering and brazing methods to undertake this type of work.

Personnel who meet the entry requirements but without previous refrigerant handling qualifications or sufficient air conditioning & refrigeration experience, are advised to attend the F Gas Category II course prior to attempting the F-Gas Category I.

Learners registered on and undertaking an apprenticeship or qualification which has a requirement for Category I or II F-Gas classification are exempt from the published pre-requisites above.

Category III & IV are Level 2 qualifications and have no pre-requisites, they may be undertaken by any learner after initial assessment by the approved centre.


EU Mutual Recognition:

Article 10 of the EU F-Gas Regulation, (EU) 517/2014, requires that Member States give mutual recognition to certification of suitable qualifications from other EU countries.

The conditions for mutual recognition are set out in Article 10 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/2067.

In GB & NI, the EU F-Gas Regulation is implemented by the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2015 (SI No. 310) & NI (SI No. 425).  Logic Certification Limited is a named personnel certification and evaluation body as set out in Part 3, Article 8(1) and (NI Part 2, Article 6(1)) of these Regulations, which relate to the certification and evaluation bodies for the purposes of Article 4 of Commission Regulation (EU 2015/2067 (issue and contents of certificates).

Confirmation can be viewed on the Gov.Uk web site here

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Course fees include course reference materials, refreshments and lunch.

Course Dates 2019

16th – 20th September

14th – 18th October

25th – 29th November

20th – 24th January

2nd – 6th March