F Gas Cat 1 (5 days)

5 Days £850.00 + VAT

This 5 day F Gas courses is ideally suited to personnel with previous experience in air conditioning or refrigeration or those holding formal industry recognised qualifications including the former ‘Safe Handling of Refrigerants’ certificate.  It is also suitable for tradesmen with allied trade qualifications such as a NVQ Level 2 or above in Gas, Electrical or Plumbing. This 5 day course is the most sought after version of the F-Gas course as there are no restrictions to work regarding to the amount of refrigerant contained in the system.

The F-Gas Category 1 Course provides successful candidates with certification to carry out air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration work on any size system containing fluorinated refrigerants.

Although it is not essential, personnel with allied trade qualifications and experience such as Gas, Electrical or Plumbing but without previous refrigerant handling qualifications or sufficient air conditioning & refrigeration experience, are advised to attend the F Gas Cat 2 course prior to upgrading to the F-Gas category 1 course. Personnel with air conditioning and refrigeration experience must have at least minimum 2 years auditable experience to attend the Cat 1 course without attending the Cat 2 course before hand.

Candidates will be trained and assessed on the following:

  • Fabricate and install mechanical & brazed joints
  • Pressure test a system to BS EN 378:2:2008 Standards
  • Evacuate system to ensure it is free of moisture
  • Analyse system for efficiency and conformity to the F Gas Regulations
  • Leak test system to EC1516/2007
  • Create and maintain F Gas ‘Log Books’ and records
  • Handle refrigerant in a safe manner and dispose of legally

Course fees include course reference materials, refreshments and lunch.

Course Dates 2018

7th – 11th May

11th – 15th June

17th – 21st September

22nd – 26th October