Mobile Air Conditioning Courses in Wales

Mobile Air Conditioning Courses in Wales

The C&G 7543 Certificate in Mobile Air Conditioning Systems (MACS) is a level 3 course broken down into 3 modules: 

Module 1 – (7543-01-001) Refrigerant Handling for Mobile A/C Systems  
Module 2 – (7543-01-002) Basic Mobile Air Conditioning Principles
Module 3 – (7543-02) Diagnosis and Repair Complex Faults in Mobile A/C & Climate Control Systems

Mobile Air Conditioning System Course (MACS) - 7543-01-001
Car Air Conditioning Training

Duration:  1 Day £225.00 + VAT or 2 Day £350.00 + VAT

Module 1 has been designed to provide the essential practical knowledge in automotive air conditioning fundamentals and refrigerant handling. This enables technicians to carry out refrigerant recovery activities in a professional, safe and legal manner.

This unit may be taken on its own! and is recognised by the UK Government as meeting the minimum requirements of the European Commission Directive 307/2008. This regulation requires that persons handling fluorinated gases must be appropriately trained and posses a certificate attesting to the fact.

On successfull completion, candidates will obtain the City & Guilds 7543-01-001 Level 3 certificate in the Safe Handling of Refrigerants for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems (MACS). Additional modules 7543-01-002 (Air Conditioning Priciples) and 7543-02 (Advanced Diagnostics) may be taken at a later date.

The 1-Day mobile air conditioning course is designed for candidates who need to hold the necessary legal certificate of competance to allow them to recover refrigerant from Mobile Air Conditioning Systems using automatic service stations, whereas;

The 2-Day course provides training on portable recovery equipment. There are some distinct advantages of using portable recovery equipment as opposed to automatic service stations especially for those involved in recovery activities only or those looking to service equipment which cannot easily be brought to a a garage for servicing e.g. plant, agricultural, trucks, buses, coaches and trains etc.

This course also provides the necessary 'entry level requirements' for the Air Conditioning System Installation Course and/or F-Gas courses in refrigeration and commercial air conditioning for those looking to enter this line of work.

Training Brochure 2014/2015 (1167kb)

Vehicle Air Conditioning Courses in Wales

Course Dates 2015

2nd - 3rd February

2nd - 3rd March

15th - 16th April

11th - 12th May

8th - 9th June

6th - 7th July

3rd - 4th August

5th - 6th September

5th - 6th October

2nd - 3rd November

Car Air Conditioning Courses in Wales

Principles of Mobile A/C Systems (7543-01-002).

Duration: 2 Days £350.00 + VAT 

This course takes the candidate a stage further in their understanding of mobile air conditioning and climate control systems and covers the servicing, inspection and testing of specific components within the a/c system, including some basic fault finding exercises.

It also covers specific air conditioning servicing and repair techniques which will help the candidate to identify faulty components and understand the requirements necessary to carry out repair and/or replacement of these components.

Please Note: This module is for those looking to offer customers more than a simple 're-gas'.

Training Brochure 2014/2015 (1167kb)

Mobile Air Conditioning System Courses

Course Dates 2014

19th - 20th November

Course Dates 2015

7th - 8th January

4th - 5th February

4th - 5th March

13th - 14th May

10th - 11th June

5th - 6th July

9th - 10th August

7th - 8th September

4th - 5th October

9th - 10th November

Mobile Air Conditioning Courses in South Wales

Combined City & Guilds 7543-01-001 and 7543-01-002  3 Days £575.00 + VAT

This car air conditioning course provides both Modules 1 & 2 of the City & Guilds 7543 over a three day period.

Candidates wishing to include 'Fault Finding & Repair Techniques'  can opt for an additional 4th Day at a reduced cost of £125.00 + VAT.

Car Air Conditioning Courses in Wales

Course Dates for 2014

17th - 19th November

Course Dates 2015

5th - 7th January

2nd - 4th February

2nd - 4th March

15th - 17th April

11th - 13th May

8th - 10th June

6th - 8th July

3rd - 5th August

5th - 7th September

5th - 7th October

2nd - 4th November

Automotive Air Conditioning Courses

City & Guilds 7543-02 Diagnosis and Repair Complex Faults in Mobile A/C & Climate Control Systems 

Duration:  5 Days  £825.00 + VAT) 

This course covers advanced diagnostics and repair techniques for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems (MACS) and completes the full C&G 7543 Certificate. The course covers the following topics:

Basic electrical theory (resistance, voltage, current and wiring diagrams)

Manifold Gauge Interpretation (used for fault diagnosis)

Component Testing

- Manual Air Conditioning, Semi-Automatic & Automatic Climate Control Systems

Using modern Fault Code Readers & Diagnostic equipment to identify faults

Component Replacement (Condenser, Compressor, TEV, Evaporator, Sensors)

All air conditioning service and repairs, including component replacement, will take place on real vehicles as opposed to training rigs.


Course Dates for 2014

Please call for future dates! 


NEW!  3-Day Fault Diagnosis & Repair Techniques (£395.00 + VAT)

This vehicle air conditioning course has been introduced as a direct request from our previous candidates. It builds on the knowledge and experience gained from Modules 1&2 by training the candidate in the following areas without a formal assessment:

  • Basic electrical theory (Voltage, Current, Resistance etc.)
  • Electrical circuits (Series & Parallel)
  • Basic electrical calculations
  • Electrical components within the A/C circuit
  • Safety devices
  • A/C sensors
  • Electrical circuit and component testing
  • Electrical fault finding exercises
  • Pressure gauge interpretation exercises
  • Component replacement (Compressor,TEV/TXV,Condensor,Evaporator,Sensors)
  • Pipe & hose repair
  • Evaporator cleaning
  • Odour removal (using NEW Ozone creation techniques)
  • Diagnostic fault code retrieval and interpretation
  • Clutchless compressor testing

All course material, refreshments and a good lunch is provided in the course fees and candidates will receive a certificate of attendance from Red Dragon Air Conditioning at the end of the course.


Course Dates 2014

Please call for future dates!


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